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We understand the physical and emotional toll that pain can take on your quality of life. Your journey to Pain -Free-Life Begins Here. Our goal is to help you regain control over your pain and restore your quality of life. Our expert team delivers solutions to alleviate your pain because our pain management solutions Tailored to you. Regain mobility, Restore well being and Rediscover joy. Take the first step towards a pain – free life today.

    Dr. P. Purohithi

    [Interventional spine & muskulo skeletal pain physician]


    Pain Management Center

    About Meraki

    We at MERAKI pain management center - Put ourselves in treating all sort of pains. Because Pain is body's most important communication tool which says something is wrong & needs immediate attention.

    It has impact both physically & mentally. Always causes anxiety, emotional disturbances, mental instability, fear & depression.

    Pain is different from person to person which can be classified into ACUTE (pain comes suddenly & lasts shorter time) & CHRONIC (lasts longer time &persists until treated).

    It occurs by tissue damage (also called nociceptive pain)or nerve damage (also called neuropathic pain).


    Pain Conditions


    Treatments for Pain Conditions


    Patients Testimonials

    AshokReddy K Software Engineer

    I have been here to treat the back pain and I was very happy with the way they treat patients with patience..

    Nandu IT professional

    Mam understood my pain & treated me without surgery,for which I got immediate pain relief.

    Jagan Mohan Reddy Biotechnology Professional

    Taken an appointment with doctor Purohithi in meraki pain clinic for him. He is very happy with her treatment.


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