Meraki Pain Management Center

Dr. P. Purohithi

[Interventional spine & muskulo skeletal pain physician]


Pain Management Center

About Meraki

Dr. P. Purohithi is an anaesthesiologist whose responsibility is to provide pain-free during surgeries, patient care before, during & after surgery.

In view of interest in pain management she broadened skills & knowledge, by doing pain fellowships to ensure pain free life of her patients. During fellowships period she expertised in diagnostic work-up & medical management of all types of pain.

She is well versed with various drugs & side effects.

In operation theatre she is efficient in high quality "interventional pain management procedures” by using Ultra sound & C-Arm fluoroscopy.

She is an Expert in usage Of Ultra sound In Acute as well as Chronic Pain Management.






Pain Management Center

Why Meraki

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