The Unbreakable Smile: A Journey of Healing BACK PAIN WITHOUT SURGERY.

Meet Mrs. Rama Devi,remarkable 61-year-old woman whose infectious smile tolerated the decades of pain she has endured due to spine-related disc problems at multiple levels and lumbar scoliosis.For over 35 years, Mrs. Ramadevi dedicated herself to caring for a family, putting their needs above her own without a second thought. Her selflessness knew no bounds, but unfortunately, her own health took a backseat amidst her tireless efforts to support others.

Seeking relief, Mrs. Ramadevi turned to our PAIN SPECIALIST Dr.PUROHITHI , hoping to find treatment without going to surgery.Dr.PUROHITHI trained in performing a variety of advanced procedures to target pain directly at its source.

Back pain can be debilitating, impacting every aspect of daily life. For many, the prospect of surgery can be daunting, leading them to seek alternative solutions for relief.In addition to medical management, Dr.PUROHITHI also offered a range of interventional procedures to target the source of the spine pain directly WITHOUT SURGERY.These advanced image guided techniques, provided significant relief for back pain.

Mrs. Ramadevi’s journey serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of prioritizing self-care, even in the midst of life’s most demanding responsibilities. Through her determination, she proves that healing is possible, even without surgery & that a smile can be the most potent medicine of all.


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