“A Journey of RESILIENT MAN: Overcoming Chronic SHOULDER PAIN “

In a distant land far from home, there lived a man.

He was a devoted husband , father & working tirelessly overseas to provide for his family back home. Despite the distance that separated them, his love for his family knew no bounds, fueling his determination to persevere through every challenge life threw his way.

However, for years, he had been silently battling a foe that threatened to consume him from within—CHRONIC SHOULDER PAIN.The weight of obesity & the relentless grip of diabetes had taken their toll on his body, leaving him with a PAINFUL SHOULDER that seemed to tighten its hold with each passing day. The physical pain was compounded by the emotional strain of being far from his loved ones, aching for their presence & support. But he soldiered on, determined to keep pushing forward for the sake of his family.

One day, in search for CHRONIC SHOULDER PAIN relief, led him to the doorstep of a renowned pain specialist Dr.PUROHITHI in the Hyderabad , With a glimmer of hope in his eyes & his heart heavy with anticipation.He is diagnosed as suffering with FROZEN SHOULDER also known as ADHESIVE CAPSULITIS is a condition characterized by stiffness and pain in the shoulder joint. It typically develops gradually over time and progresses through three stages: freezing, frozen, and thawing.

He made to understand underlying causes , pathology & ADVANCED TREATMENT OF FROZEN SHOULDER WITHOUT SURGERY which made his thought IMPOSSIBLE to POSSIBLE.He has been treated with injections which helps reduce inflammation and alleviate pain, allowing for improved mobility and function in the shoulder joint. Our pain specialist use imaging guidance, such as ultrasound to ensure precise placement of the injection into the affected area of the shoulder joint capsule.

As time went on, This resilient man story became an inspiration to others facing similar struggles. His journey from chronic pain to immediate relief served as a beacon of hope, reminding them that healing was possible, even in the darkest of times.


One response to ““A Journey of RESILIENT MAN: Overcoming Chronic SHOULDER PAIN “”

  1. Kovvuri Srinivasa Sastry Avatar
    Kovvuri Srinivasa Sastry

    When it comes to manage/solve pain in body,You need a good Doctor who can handle it.
    Once, it happend to me.
    Our Vice Chancellor referred to Dr PurohitiP.
    From then onwards, She became Our family Doctor, not only to my family but to all my friends community.

    Great and excellent work by Doctor.

    But, you have to spare time and follow instructions as it is related to Your Good Health.

    No Health,No wealth!!!

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